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impact of hurricane katrina Scientists studying the environmental impact of hurricane katrina on the gulf coast of louisiana and the city of new orleans have revealed the ecological impact and human health risks from.

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According to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration (noaa), hurricane katrina was one of the strongest storms to impact the coast of the united states, causing widespread devastation and affecting an estimated 90,000 square miles along the central gulf coast states. Hurricane katrina hurricane katrina is reputed to be the most expensive natural disaster that has ever happened to the united states it is also the cause of the largest number of victims since september, 1928 when a hurricane hit lake okeechobee. A young hurricane katrina survivor in new orleans collects her food ration new york, 7 september 2005 – more than a week after hurricane katrina slammed into the southern coast of the united states, children continue to bear an unequal share of the suffering.

Unlike hurricane katrina, the current disaster involves the disruption of a very important oil & gas field, which did not even exist as a significant factor back when hurricane katrina hit. Katrina's aftermath from space the extent of flooding in the greater new orleans metropolitan area is clearly visible in this image, acquired from the international space station on september 8, 2005, of areas damaged by hurricane katrina. This lesson looks at the social, economic and environmental impacts of katrina it includes a video link to introduce the hurricane, key terms and definitions, a map annotation exercise and an extension task. Hurricane katrina caused severe damage to usrefinery and production capacity in the gulf of mexico oil prices briefly spiked to above $70 per barrel before dropping after president bush decided.

W hen hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast 29 august 2005, it caused massive devastation to many of the poorest states in the country the greatest impact, by far, was felt in the city of new. Katrina was an extraordinarily powerful and deadly hurricane that carved a wide swath of catastrophic damage and inflicted large loss of life it was the costliest and one of the five. Hurricane katrina - environmental consequences hurricane katrina caused enormous and obvious harm to human health and property the storm also severely. Hurricane katrina, which hit the gulf coast region of the united states on august 28, 2005, was the most destructive north atlantic tropical cyclone to strike the country.

Hurricane katrina: impact on lithosphere the cyclone flooded the lithosphere (or land) once cyclone katrina made its way onto land, the warm water, which is the source of fuel for a cyclone was no longer available, resulting in the storm weakening impact on hydrosphere. Fact sheet 1 helping children cope with the impact of hurricane katrina: children and families in the path of the hurricane the situation: many families with children were in the direct path of the hurricane. Hurricane katrina was a category 5 monster storm it was the most destructive hurricane to hit the united states it did more damage than any other natural disaster in us history it did most of its damage after it hit louisiana on august 29, 2005 that was after the national hurricane center reclassified down to a category 3 hurricane.

Impact on biosphere 1000s of people were homeless because of cyclone katrina the town new orleans was flooded for a long time, forcing people to go homeless. Hurricane katrina destroyed forests and habitats, significantly changing the land cover of the gulf coast region and impacting ecosystem services process with financial support from the us forest service, american forests conducted a land cover analysis of 48 counties and parishes along the coast of alabama, mississippi, and louisiana to. The full extent of the impact of hurricane katrina on the overall economy and on the housing market is still unclear, but the number of homes destroyed by this catastrophe is larger than the losses from any previous us natural disaster.

This paper seeks to analyze the impact of hurricane katrina on the insurance companies and the general attitude of the people towards insurance 12 research aims and objectives the aim of this research is to analyze how hurricane katrina affects the insurance market and analyze how the community responds to insurance after the disaster. The impact of hurricane katrina on the us foster-care system 83 introduction the us gulf coast was hit with a series of category 3 and stronger hurricanes in. Hurricane katrina destroyed more than 200,000 homes and led to massive economic and physical dislocation using a panel of tax return data, we provide one of the first comprehensive analyses of the hurricane’s long-term economic impact on its victims.

Hurricane katrina struck the gulf coast with devastating force at daybreak on aug 29, 2005, pummeling a region that included the fabled city of new orleans and heaping damage on. Media coverage of hurricane katrina raises questions about accurate representation and the resultant costs in human suffering this article elucidates some of the documented facts related to hurricane katrina, its comparison to 9/11, and clarifies misconceptions of the initial relief effort and impact on those impacted by the hurricane. Get help on 【 economic impact of hurricane katrina essay 】 on graduateway huge assortment of free essays & assignments the best writers. Hurricane katrina devastated new orleans and the gulf coast and will pound the us economy with higher energy prices, commodity shortages--and even steeper coffee prices katrina's impact on the us economy.

Hurricane katrina was one of the strongest storms to hit the united states coast within the last 100 years it devastated new orleans and caused many health concerns for the public. Site search: copyright 2005 the new york times company home privacy policy search corrections. Watch video survivors talk about the impact of hurricane katrina, 10 years after the historic storm devastated the gulf coast this website uses cookies for. Hurricane katrina was one of the greatest disasters in american history and, consequently, a major impetus for a new wave of research studies.